I have a friend who says she cries whenever vacation time rolls around. Can you believe that?? You are heading off to one of the best Barbados holiday rentals, looking forward to sipping rum punches on the beach all day and you are CRYING??

Well, it turns out that she hates having to leave an important family member behind. Her Labrador, Dolly – man’s best friend (well in this case, woman’s best friend).  And, the truth is, many of us feel exactly the same way. Pet-friendly travel is now the trend and there has been an emergence of hotels and excursions designed with your pet in mind.

Out to lunch

In Barbados, whether it is cheap Barbados hotels or luxury 5 star Barbados hotels, the idea of pet-friendly accommodation is still relatively new. Boutique hotels in Barbados and Barbados villa rentals may be a great starting point for asking a question. Many of these properties are also not pet-friendly as yet but perhaps as this trend increases in popularity it may be time to purchase a ticket for your four-legged friends!

Water baby

For now, as my favourite pins this week demonstrate, they can continue to dream about it – after all, every dog (cat and others included) has its day!

I can definitely get used to this!