Local real estate company, Island Villas, has teamed up with Megapower to promote the use of electric vehicles in Barbados.

“As a company that works within the tourism and hospitality sector we believe that it is our responsibility to incorporate more energy efficient and environmentally friendly practices into our daily operations,” says Richard Eames, Managing Director of Island Villas, “We support the efforts of Megapower because not only are they introducing the zero emission Nissan leaf to the island, they have also constructed a large solar panel recharging centre providing owners free clean energy.”

Speaking at the unveiling of Island Villas’ new Nissan Leaf, Richard also highlighted the great strides the company’s Go Green initiative has made over the years. “We have undertaken several substantial projects including the introduction of eco-friendly cleaning products, paperless billing and the installation of energy efficient lighting both in our main office and at some of our developments, including West Coast development, Lantana. It is our hope that we can lead by example and encourage others in Barbados to embrace environmentally friendly initiatives.”

Megapower Business Manager, Rohan Ford, echoed these sentiments stating, “We are extremely excited about the incredible response to the zero emission Nissan LEAF. As ‘Bajans’ become more conscious of our impact on the environment and as people seek to find energy efficient and cost reducing alternatives to vehicles powered by imported fossil fuels; we believe Megapower’s electric vehicles and charging stations can meet this need. We congratulate Island Villas on making the step forward and acquiring a Nissan Leaf and we look forward to charting their progress as we welcome them to the Barbadian electric vehicle community.”

Electric vehicles have been hailed as one of the most promising green industries and Megapower has successfully installed charge points across the island. Users are invited to download the plugshare app or visit the plugshare website www.plugshare.com which identifies the locations of charge points as more of them continue to be installed.