The year is 2009 and Barbados, like much of the world, is in the throes of the economic recession. Sales of real estate have slowed and many developments on the island are struggling to attract interest from investors and visitors alike.

One such development is the attractive Battaleys Mews, a community of luxury townhouses situated steps away from Mullins Beach. At the time of construction Battaleys was hailed for its spacious rooms, modern kitchens, plunge pools on the patio of each unit and other unique details that made the development stand out from others on Barbados’ Platinum Coast.

Battaleys Mews Luxury Development

Battaleys Mews Luxury Development

As the economic situation worsened Battaleys Mews went into administration and the development became a ghost town facing financial ruin. In 2011, real estate and property management company, Island Villas Ltd., was awarded the contract to manage Battaleys Mews and they were tasked with managing the units and stimulating interest with limited resources.

No one could have predicted what happened next.

In the space of one year Island Villas increased the revenue generated by Battaleys by 3 times! The figures document this dramatic rise and give some insight into the dramatic transformation that Island Villas was able to bring about. At one point reservation enquiries were coming in at the rate of several times a day outstripping the demand for other similar developments on the island.

What then was responsible for this turnaround?

Some of the highlights achieved by the Island Villas team include:

  • Green Globe certification of Battaleys Mews – this prestigious designation has attracted interest as well as brought about cost savings for the development
  • Excellent ratings across the board on all of the popular online travel sites – Battaleys Mews has been rated excellent on TripAdvisor and has received the prestigious TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for 2014!
  • A strong local interest in reservations and events
  • The establishment of Battaleys Mews as a venue for intimate weddings, business retreats and other activities
  • Promotion of the units as attractive long-term rental options – this was of particular interest to the expatriate community
  • The creation of an on-site poolside Bar & Bistro branded as ‘The Galley’ – this modularized food and beverage outlet has become popular outside of just Battaleys guests and has attracted a wider clientele

In December 2013, Battaleys Mews was closed to renters and guests by the receivers PricewaterhouseCoopers in expectation of a pending sale. For further details on Island Villas services please contact;; Tel: +1 246 422 3333 or UK: (0) 80 0097 0886 or US (866) 978 8499.