Every expectant mother deserves a luxury vacation that includes sun, fun and not having to lift a finger except to ask for another foot rub. Barbados ticks all those boxes – just ask Rachel Bilson, one of our favourite celebs and a longtime fan of the island.

Rachel and her longtime love, Hayden Christensen, were spotted lounging on the beach in Barbados shortly after it was made public that she is indeed pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Barbados beach view - on the doorstep of Lantana

Following Rachel’s lead we wanted to figure out what exactly makes Barbados the best spot for a ‘Babymoon’. Here are our top 5 reasons:

1) Nothing says ‘Happy Momma’ like a baby bump on the beach and Barbados definitely has no shortage of fantastic beaches.

2) Number 1 was so important that we thought it should take the number 2 spot as well!

3) Mums to be need to eat for 2 so good food is a requirement. Barbados has a wide range of hot spots with great cuisine including fine dining and beachside fare (Rachel and Hayden were spotted getting ‘fish cutters’ at Cuz – a local ‘MUST TRY’)

4) Relaxation is key – your body is about to go through dramatic changes so it is important to remain calm and stress-free. Barbados is the perfect place to unwind. When planning your vacation let the IV team organise the ultimate spa getaway as well as other activities designed to wash your worries away.

5) Selfies! What better way to document your growing bump than sunbathing on the beach or sipping fruit juice poolside!