Barbados properties continue to attract significant interest from overseas investors. Recent reports from local real estate experts, Island Villas, indicate that sales in the last 12 months have grown by as much as 25%, a welcome boost to the Barbados property market.

The most popular properties for sale fall in the multi-million dollar range, however, the island has a wide range of offerings for different budgets. As the only independent boutique real estate company with international experience on the island, Island Villas has a diverse portfolio and it is expected that sales will experience a further boost in the coming year.

Barbados Property for Sale

Green Living with Island Villas

Barbados’ popularity is due in part to the island’s range of activities throughout the year. Hailed as a fantastic golfing destination, Barbados has also developed a name for itself in the areas of sailing, cuisine, music and much more.

This November, the island will once again host the Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival. This is an excellent opportunity to visit the island, enjoy some fantastic food from a range of local and overseas chefs and check out some of our beautiful island villas.