Our clients often ask us why Barbados continues to be a great place to invest in luxury real estate. Based on Island Villas’ considerable years of experience and extensive knowledge of real estate in the Caribbean we know that stability is a major factor when determining where people want to buy property and where people want to live.

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Lancaster Drive, Royal Westmoreland Golf Resort

Against the backdrop of a dynamic and changing global environment – this includes financially, socially and environmentally – Barbados stands out as a destination with fantastic weather year round, a stable political structure and a stable currency.

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Calijanda Estate, Royal Westmoreland Golf Resort

Another important consideration for our clients is security, a major factor especially when making decisions that will affect your family. Barbados’ property market offers a wide variety of options including beautiful developments like the Royal Westmoreland Golf Resort and Sandy Lane Estate with 24hr security and gated entrances.

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Sandy Lane Estate No. 35

Barbados is also a great place to invest in property due to its attractiveness as a cultural and entertainment hub. The island boasts an impressive sporting calendar hosting events that attract competitors from around the world.

This December 6th-8th, all eyes will be on the Run Barbados Marathon Weekend, one of the oldest and most prestigious road racing events in the Caribbean region. This year will mark the 37th edition of this fun race and it is once again expected to attract record numbers. Runners from the region, Canada, US, UK and even Kenya have ‘come for the run and stayed for the fun’ and Island Villas will be throwing our support behind our very own, Christine Richards, as she competes in the marathon this year.

Come for the Run, Stay for the Fun

Come for the Run, Stay for the Fun

For the foodies, the Barbados Food & Rum Festival, October 24-27, is always a highlight featuring gourmet dinners, street food sampling, rum and more rum! Barbados has become known for its exciting dining scene and many of our local chefs have won awards both here and overseas. If you are looking for a true introduction to the best of Bajan food and Caribbean cuisine, ask TheConcierge at Island Villas about tickets for the festival.

With so much to do on island it is impossible to list everything here, however, we guarantee that no matter the time of year, there is always something to do in Barbados. This year we celebrated the launch of ‘Festive Fridays’, a weekly showcase of local music, food and dance. As the sun goes down, the Pelican Centre comes alive as the night market begins and on any given Friday you can be treated to live entertainment by some of the region’s most talented artistes.

With all this in mind you can definitely understand why Barbados appeals to investors worldwide. To learn more about buying Barbados real estate contact us today at info@island-villas.com