You know when it’s time for a break, and most of us prefer to find some peace and quiet when we get the chance. Whether you are looking for a short break, a longer holiday or something more permanent, Barbados Real Estate has a lot to offer. You might be looking to invest in a growing portfolio, or simply want a permanent holiday property for renting out and using yourself. There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to a location as attractive as Barbados. From small apartments and town houses to luxury Barbados villas for sale, it is well worth considering your options.

With a well connected team who know the market and how things work in Barbados, you won’t have to worry about the details or falling into any pitfalls. The peace of mind which comes from knowing things are being done the right way is priceless, and your Barbados real estate investments can bring years of good returns. You might be planning to move to Barbados yourself, or maybe use your Barbados real estate for summer vacations. Whatever your plans, from highly affordable apartments to high end Barbados villas for sale, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful part of the world.

As you probably know, Barbados has a great deal to offer, from its natural beauty, rich cultural history and vibrant culture which continues to this day. There is every reason to consider Barbados as both a holiday destination and a place to invest in high quality Barbados real estate. The people are friendly and welcoming, the economy is strong and the tourism will continue to thrive in the coming years. There is more reason than ever to consider Barbados Villas for Sale at this time, and there are plenty of opportunities coming to market all year round.

Located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, Barbados is a small island, yet it is full of potential for living, working and taking vacations, wherever you may currently be living. It is blessed with great weather, beautiful beaches,  a rich and interesting history, and a thriving open economy. It is no surprise that holiday makers continue to visit in good numbers, as it is perfect for a getaway in a place of natural beauty.


Island Villas planning for COVID-19 Pandemic.

Island Villas has taken decisive action to counter any threat of Covid-19 on Island Villas’ operations. We have recently purchased laptops for all staff, to enable the flexibility of working from home, should the need arise.  All of our files and databases are all located in the Cloud, and therefore can be remotely accessed by all staff. Additionally, all team members are equipped with smart phones, which include the office PABX, direct exchange lines, WhatsApp and Skype, should you need to contact your Property Manager. We are therefore fully prepared for an office shut down, should this be necessary. All staff have received training on how to deal with Covid-19 and procedures have been put in place.