23 in 2023 – where has the time gone? This year marks the 23rd anniversary of Island Villas, a boutique full-service real estate agency, based in Barbados with a global reach.

Island Villas celebrates 23 years in 2023!

Island Villas celebrates 23 years in 2023!

Looking back, we are really proud of how far we’ve come as a team. Richard Eames, Managing Director of Island Villas, recalls starting the company just over 20 years ago:

Timing is everything. I had graduated and had the opportunity to work in hotels, casinos, facilities management and telecommunications in different parts of the world. At this stage I found myself asking, what next?

Flashback to 2017: Going Green with Island Villas

Combining a passion for service with extensive experience, Island Villas was born in the year 2000. Richard acknowledges that it has truly been a rewarding experience, albeit a challenging one.  The 2008 stock market crash had a ripple effect on the real estate market in Barbados and across the Caribbean. This was followed by Brexit in the UK and the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the repercussions of which are still being felt. In the face of these obstacles, Richard is grateful for Island Villas’ resilience and ability to thrive.

We have always been a people-oriented business, prioritising strong relationships with our clients and creating an environment where our team members feel valued, included and motivated. This is reflected in the fact that many of our clients have been with us for years and we have team members that have been with us from the beginning. We are sincere when we talk about Team IV or the IV family.

Today, Island Villas is one of the premier real estate agencies in the Caribbean, acknowledged for its stellar property management and concierge services. According to Richard, business is thriving and holiday rentals are better than ever. The real estate market has recovered and there are opportunities for both buyers and sellers interested in property in Barbados.

Working with our business partners, Hamptons International and John D Wood, has been an exceptional experience and as the relationship grows, so too does our market strength. Island Villas looks forward to continued success in the next few decades.

Cheers to 23 years!

Join IV as we #EmbraceEquity

Island Villas celebrates International Women's Day 2023

Island Villas celebrates International Women’s Day 2023

Alongside our 23rd anniversary celebrations, Island Villas once again joins in the worldwide activities recognising International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is #EmbraceEquity and we commit to celebrating women’s achievements and forging positive visibility of women.

With a predominantly female team, Island Villas is proud to represent the growth of women in real estate, especially in leadership positions. This IWD, as we #EmbraceEquity, we want to acknowledge all of the incredible women who contribute to Team IV. Meet a few of them below:

Christine – General Manager

With the company from inception, Christine has been the backbone of Island Villas and plays an integral role in the strategic direction. Christine has formed strong relationships with many of Island Villas’ clients, all of whom recognise her commitment, wealth of knowledge and professionalism.

Fun fact: Christine previously studied in Milan, is fluent in Italian and has a passion for running.

Sasha Cole – Holiday Vacation Director/Online Booking Consultant

Another long-serving Island Villas team member, Sasha joined Island Villas after years working in the industry and consulting with many hotels. She possesses in depth market knowledge and an understanding of how to effectively promote vacation properties to boost rental revenue and sales.

Fun fact: Sasha is our tech whiz! She boasts an incredible ability to work with the algorithms behind real time property booking portals like the Expedia network and Booking.com.

Maria Kublalsingh – Sales Executive

Maria joined the Island Villas team as a property manager, bringing years of real estate experience to the job. In a short space of time she has transitioned to the role of Sales Executive, working with clients to find their ideal properties for sale in Barbados, or helping clients identify potential buyers.

Fun fact: Maria is our resident baker and matchmaker – a powerful combination! She has the ability to connect with clients, understanding their property needs, oftentimes better than clients themselves.

Rebecca Eames – Digital Marketer

Rebecca manages the marketing portfolio for the Island Villas Group of Companies. She has spearheaded Island Villas’ digital marketing strategy and is responsible for all communication and advertising, as well as functions on our websites and microsites. She ensures that Island Villas maintains its global recognition and works closely with all departments to develop effective marketing and business development plans.

Fun fact: Rebecca is a savvy business person with an entrepreneurial mindset. She has successfully established a digital marketing business, working in both Barbados and the UK.