Many of us know of the Barbados RSPCA as the shelter for mistreated or stray cats and dogs. However, through hard work and much needed donations the RSPCA is now a state-of-the-art clinic caring for all animals, including birds and tortoises, as well as giving those animals who have had an unfortunate start another chance at the loving forever home they deserve.


Tonya and Christine of Island Villas with ‘Poncho’


Richard Eames of Island Villas presenting Charmaine Hatcher of the RSPCA with a Donation towards the care of rescue animals

Island Villas has chosen to donate to this wonderful cause this season. Last month our Sales Director, Christine, found a stray kitten roaming in St. George. The little kitten warmed-up to the staff of Island Villas who couldn’t bear to let him go. ‘Poncho’ then found a loving home with Tonya. He spends his days watching passers-by from the windows and Tonya ensures we all get constant updates. The team realized how fortunate little Poncho was and our aim is to work with the RSPCA so more animals can be as fortunate as he is.

All of the hardworking staff are grateful for any donations that can assist with their necessary income level of approximately BDS$98,000 per month in order to care for and re home their abundance of animals.


The New Barbados RSPCA

In June of this year the RSPCA was blessed with the opening of their new building equipped with modern machinery. We must thank XXXXXXX for his generosity in aiding this selfless organization to provide top-notch care for our furry (and non-furry) friends. They now own and operate a portable digital x-ray machine and an ultrasound machine as well as have their own Lab in which they can analyse blood samples for emergency cases. The RSPCA has recognized the need for the education of the public in terms of animal cruelty and caring for animals. The organization offers a volunteer program in which participants are encouraged to learn about the proper way to care for animals and their need for loving surroundings.

Barbados is populated with an array of dogs and cats that have been dumped or found in the wild due to previous owners not ensuring that their pets are neutered. All animals that the RSPCA re homes are neutered before they leave the shelter once they are over the age of four months. Should the animals leave before they reach four months of age the owners are required to sign a contract to return the animal to the clinic to be neutered once they have attained the correct age.

The RSPCA is also responsible for a variety of activities geared towards helping the animals on our island:

  • Operating an ambulance service for the collection of sick and injured animals when owners have no transportation
  • Carry out investigations of reported complaint calls and issue warning to negligent owners. Wanton cruelty is brought to the notice of police
  • Undertake animal rescues from wells, trees, cliffs etc.
  • Offer free neutering to other animal shelters on the island as well as to persons that are unable to pay for emergency surgery and treatment of their pets

One of the Three Surgery Areas at the RSPCA


The Ultrasound and X-Ray Machine at the Barbados RSPCA


The Lab at the RSPCA

The animal shelter which cares for and re homes approximately eighty animals daily are dependent on fundraising, donations and legacies. However, in addition to these there are many ways you can assist their cause:

  • Instead of purchasing a new pet choose from their wide selection of animals looking for a loving home
  • Use their veterinary services and clinical facilities for the care, treatment and boarding of animals
  • Report animals being unfairly or negligently treated
  • Volunteer
  • Donate pet food

This Heron suffered a broken wing and is now being nursed back to health by the RSPCA before migrating back home in 2017.


These puppies were found in a box at the side of the road before being taken to the RSPCA. All of the puppies have found loving homes