While on your holiday in Barbados, here are a few animals and marine life to look out for!

1. The Green Monkeys!

These monkeys are brownish and green in color. They can be seen all over the island. They came from West Africa over 350 years ago! You will see them mostly in packs as they all move together as a family. They love bananas & fruit. If you see a monkey around your villa, hide the fruit! They are not harmful, however try to keep distance from a mother and her baby.

2. The Hawksbill sea turtle!

These beautiful sea turtles are home to our Barbadian waters. They are seen on the Atlantic side of the island as well as the Caribbean Sea side.  Going on a catamaran day cruise you will have the chance to swim with the turtles, as the boat crew feed them to attract them close to the boat. They are not harmful however it is wise to give them their space while swimming with them. You can also have the chance to witness a nesting turtle between the months of May-October.



3. Flying Fish

This unique fish which glides across the water at a rapid speed can generally be seen further out to sea. This fish can be eaten and prepared in many different ways! It is also part of the Bajan national dish “Flying Fish & CouCou”.

Flying Fish in Action!

Flying Fish in Action!

4. Mongoose

This creature was introduced to Barbados from India to assist in decreasing the rat population which was a threat to the sugar cane industry. However rats are nocturnal and the mongoose is a day time animal so therefore it didn’t work! You may see them more in the countryside or the odd one or two run across the road.


mongoooseGet in touch with theConcierge to arrange any activities that may allow you to see any of these animals up close and personal!