Whether you are considering Villa Rentals in Barbados or the purchase of Barbados real estate either to live or invest there, you probably already know what a fine climate and general appeal Barbados has. From a lively and varied culture to a wealth of modern facilities and services, Barbados is a great choice for living, taking a holiday or investing. We are experienced in working with these deals, and are constantly updating our knowledge of what is happening in the Barbados Real Estate scene. It is our pleasure to pass on our best finds to you, whilst also working in an ethical and environmentally conscious way.

From simple apartments to Barbados Luxury Villas for Sale, we have something to suit all tastes and budgets. The service we offer will bring you peace of mind and ultimately the perfect property for your needs, as we are at the heart of the Barbados real estate action, and can quickly match potential properties to clients as they become available. The right deal at the right time is something that can be a really life-changing experience, and we regularly have the privilege of seeing peoples’ dreams come true. Whether it’s for ideal holiday rental, long term rental or an exciting portfolio development, our Barbados properties are selected with care and won’t fail to impress.

Along with providing our other services such as concierge and facilities management, our company are constantly procuring and making available properties of high quality at great deals. Our Barbados Luxury Villas for sale are breathtakingly impressive, and it’s no surprise how hot the market is all year round. It is our job to identify the right deal for the right client, and we take pride in providing a professional and honest service you can rely on. We’re always happy to help and are just a phone call or email away when you need us. From the most beautiful options for villa rental in Barbados to our wide range of Barbados real estate, we’re here to help.


Island Villas planning for COVID-19 Pandemic.


Island Villas has taken decisive action to counter any threat of Covid-19 on Island Villas’ operations. We have recently purchased laptops for all staff, to enable the flexibility of working from home, should the need arise.  All of our files and databases are all located in the Cloud, and therefore can be remotely accessed by all staff. Additionally, all team members are equipped with smart phones, which include the office PABX, direct exchange lines, WhatsApp and Skype, should you need to contact your Property Manager.


We are therefore fully prepared for an office shut down, should this be necessary. All staff have received training on how to deal with Covid-19 and procedures have been put in place for any overseas arrivals who must self-quarantine for 14 days.  We have implemented health and safety measures and good practice within the office and at all of the villas.