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Island Villas celebrates International Women’s Day 2017

Island Villas Ltd is proud to support International Women’s Day 2017 and pledge our commitment to forging a more gender inclusive world. The World Economic Forum predicts the gender gap won’t close entirely until 2186. Our team is ready to #BeBoldForChange and play our part in promoting gender parity.

As part of our IWD2017 celebrations we are highlighting some of the amazing women that make up the Island Villas team. Over the years we have established a diverse, talented and exceptional workforce and women continue to make invaluable contributions at every level of the organization, including top management.

Meet some of our superwomen taking bold action this year!

(From left):

Karen, an inspiring amateur fitness competitor, has set the goal of learning a new language in 2017 while also pursuing her love of cooking and food photography.

Tavia, a travel lover and adventurer, has set her sights on traveling across Latin America having learnt Spanish and becoming interested in the culture. She also has plans to visit Cuba.

Angela, French Canadian by birth and Bajan at heart, has discovered a passion for teaching and now teaches French to young students.

Olivia is a philanthropist who is passionate about affordable healthcare and charity work. Family to the Kiwis, Olivia has traveled to New Zealand and also looks forward to visiting other parts of the globe

Petra is a talented artisan who makes craft from interesting items including recycled bottles. She plans to expand on that this year, making items for herself and others.

Juanita is a proud new mum who hopes to set an example for her baby girl. Inspired by Karen’s fitness journey, Juanita is now making healthier lifestyle changes for herself and her family.

Danielle is celebrating one year as a qualified yoga teacher, even putting the Island Villas team through their poses at a recent yoga evening. She looks forward to delving deeper into her practice this year.

Christine is an avid runner who has successfully completed 3 marathons, including the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington. She is also fluent in Italian and a wine connoisseur.

Kaywanna is a noted Gospel singer. She enjoys working with teenagers and is on her way to being a qualified counselor.

These phenomenal ladies are truly an asset to the Island Villas team. This year we will definitely be #BoldForChange.