Home is where the heart is…and right now, given that more than two-thirds of the world’s population has experienced lockdown or stay at home measures, home is also where everything else is.

“Our homes may normally be sanctuaries where we can relax, sleep or entertain, but now they have also become our primary places of work, study, play, exercise, creativity and caring for others.” (2020, Global Wellness Institute)

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Home is where the heart is – view from Barbados penthouse property for sale

This has led to a surge in demand for homes, particularly in the luxury real estate market. In fact, North American statistics confirm that luxury home sales are set to surpass 2019 and 2020 numbers.

Another interesting fact – most people looking at luxury homes for sale are actually second (and even multiple) homeowners, a trend that was noticed pre-Covid.

What’s the difference now?

Well, the biggest difference is that people considering property for sale, particularly in the luxury market where many people are looking for a second home, are no longer thinking of a holiday getaway or vacation villa for a few weeks each year. Instead, ‘getaway’ has become ‘here to stay’ and people are looking for properties to buy that represent happy, healthy homes.

What is a healthy home?

“A healthy home isn’t about the quantity of space but rather the quality of space…wellness design considers all aspects of home life, including our mental, physical, and spiritual needs.” (Top 10 Wellness Design Elements for a Healthy Home (homelight.com)

Essentially people are now thinking more in terms of quality of life per square foot when considering property for sale. To help you find a healthy home in the happiest place on earth (no, not Disney World), we have outlined a few of our favourite Barbados properties for sale and why they top the list for us in terms of wellness design.

1. Extra dose of Vitamin Sea

Barbados property for sale, real estate, Barbados

Beautiful Barbados views from Saint Peter’s Bay 511

They say life is better at the beach, especially on the beach in Barbados.  Studies show that walking on the beach can positively impact your mood, improve mental health and reduce stress. Water activities like Surf Therapy, or Ocean Therapy, are now also being used to help with insomnia and PTSD.

The truth is, the beach is good for you (as if we needed convincing).

So what if you can enjoy breathtaking ocean views from a penthouse suite while also being able to sink your toes in the sand whenever you feel like?

This is life at Saint Peter’s Bay 511, a 6300 sq.ft. Barbados property for sale. This 5 bedroom penthouse features an elevator that takes you from your bed to the beach. After a day of swimming and sunbathing, relax by the pool on the private rooftop terrace or invite friends for a sunset dinner.

Barbados property for sale

Caribbean design details at Saint Peter’s Bay 511

The beauty of Saint Peter’s Bay 511 is its traditional Barbadian architecture and finishes, whitewashed cedar joinery and coral moldings. The open plan design maximizes space while preserving privacy. The large kitchen, living and dining areas open on to a wide oceanfront terrace featuring a fully equipped bar, comfortable sitting area and dining table. Tastefully furnished by local interior designers, Archers Hall, the penthouse embodies Caribbean laidback luxury.

Barbados real estate

Relax and enjoy the penthouse view

Ready to move in yet? Saint Peter’s Bay 511 is being offered fully furnished. Enquire about this Barbados property for sale today.

2. You are my Sunshine

There is a reason why many visitors flock to Barbados and the Caribbean particularly in the winter months. Can you guess what it is?

Sunlight cues special areas in the retina, which triggers the release of serotonin. Limited sun exposure has been linked to drops in serotonin and this can lead to depression. As the days grow shorter and exposure to light becomes limited in the winter, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) becomes more common.

One of the ways to beat this is to find the sunshine and what better place to do that but at a beachfront villa right here in Barbados.

Barbados property for sale

Beachfront Barbados villa for sale, Solaris

Discover Solaris, latin for ‘pertaining to the sun’.

This beautiful, contemporary 4 bedroom villa can best be described as beach chic. The discreet entrance from the main street is an interesting contradiction to the spectacular open design of the back, with the villa sitting right on the shore of Reeds Bay. Designed by acclaimed interior designer, Celia Sawyer, Solaris incorporates an open plan layout that brings the synergy of luxury, light and flows to each room.

Barbados real estate

Lounging around at Solaris beachhouse

Neutral colours, textures and tones make the outdoor lounge and dining area an inviting, comfortable space. True to its name, Solaris boasts an impressive, uncovered patio with spa pool, bar, sun bed and loungers. A few steps take you straight on to the sand and into the water for snorkeling or swimming.

Barbados real estate

The covered terrace of Solaris

This Barbados property for sale is both a great home as well as a viable investment with excellent rental potential. The villa is single storey but services infrastructure has been put in place for an additional floor. Speak to an agent today about the opportunities and options available with Solaris.

3. The Grass is Greener in Barbados

The colour green is often associated with nature and life and evokes feelings of calm, balance and tranquility. It is actually the most relaxing colour to the eye and can be soothing mentally and physically. It may now officially be our favourite colour!

Barbados property for sale

This Barbados property for sale is surrounded by lush foliage

Keeping in the green theme, research has shown that adults are more productive and happier when surrounded by greenery. That’s probably why so many of us became ‘plant parents’ during lockdown. Knowing this, one of our favourite properties on this list is the aptly named Greentails One, a two storey, 4 bedroom villa surrounded by lush foliage.

Barbados real estate

Ultimate privacy at Greentails One, Barbados

Located within the Greentails Development, this villa offers complete privacy when you are sunbathing by the infinity pool or sitting on the covered, wraparound terrace. The spacious kitchen full embraces the theme and is painted a refreshing mint green, the 2021 kitchen colour of the year as chosen by designers.

Barbados property for sale

Soothing & relaxing – the kitchen of Greentails One is painted in the 2021 Kitchen Colour of the Year

Each of these Barbados properties for sale has been thoughtfully designed to capture something special. As self-care and health become bigger priorities for all of us, wellness design is becoming part of the conversation when discussing our individual requirements for a happy, healthy home.

For homeowners looking to buy property for sale in this present market, we recommend having a conversation with one of our qualified agents who can help identify the home for you based on your wants, needs and preferences.

After all, in 2021 home is where the heart, and everything else is.