To commemorate World Environment Day and their nomination for the prestigious BHTA ‘Green Initiative’ award, Island Villas is accelerating its efforts to attain Green Globe Certification. The company is examining all of its operations, from property management to reservations, and even which suppliers the company uses; to ensure that the company’s environmental policy is being put into effect.

Over the last few years the team at IV has embarked on numerous environmental initiatives. “The results have been fantastic,” says Richard Eames, Managing Director, “we have not only seen significant cost savings but more importantly we have raised awareness amongst our staff, clients, suppliers and the wider community. As we work towards the Green Globe Certification, we applaud the efforts being made by other companies in Barbados. The recent announcement that photovoltaic technology will be offered by the Barbados Light and Power Co. is welcome news and we look forward to seeing many of our clients adopt this in the future.”

Most recently, Island Villas has introduced new, energy efficient, air conditioning technology at the popular development, Battaleys Mews. The intention is that in the long term, the majority of the properties in the company’s portfolio will adopt these new AC units, promoting energy conservation while reducing the electricity bills dramatically. In addition, the entire resort is being cleaned using eco-friendly, ‘Legacy of Clean’ products. “This is just a continuation of the practices that we already incorporate in some of our other properties and at our head office,” says Christine Richards, Operations Director, “World Environment Day is a chance for us to celebrate what Barbados is doing in the global sustainable development effort and the team at Island Villas is proud to play a role in that.”