It’s all going DOWN this weekend in Barbados at the Barbados Ninja Throwdown, one of the most highly anticipated events of 2017! Created in the likeness of American Ninja Warrior, the Barbados Ninja Throwdown combines some of the best elements of the American hit television series with a unique Bajan twist.

ivatobstacleproConceptualized by Delano Hinds, a young Bajan who traveled to Las Vegas for American Ninja Warrior qualification, Ninja Throwdown is now in its second year and promises to be bigger than ever. The event has garnered interest from all ages and this year brought significant changes. What started as an idea for an annual event featuring a just for fun replica of the American series has now become so much more. In addition to the Throwdown, Delano and business partner, Alwyn Kirk, have established Obstacle Pro, an obstacle course that was created to help people prepare for the Barbados Ninja Throwdown.


Located on expansive grounds in Featherbed Lane, St. John, Obstacle Pro opened in March 2017 and the Island Villas team were the first company to make a visit for a little team building fun. Visitors can try condensed versions of the obstacles featured as part of the Ninja Throwdown. Each obstacle has a fun, locally inspired name like the Flying Fish Ladder, Cattlewash Stepping Stones, Green Monkey Bars, The Garrison Spider Wall, BDF Vertical Batons and Mount Hillaby.


According to Alwyn and Delano, Obstacle Pro is fun for everyone and is now more than just a training ground for persons interested in participating in the Barbados Ninja Throwdown. The course is designed to promote functional fitness and calisthenic training and is open Saturday and Sunday from 3:00 – 5:00pm. Since launching in March, Obstacle Pro has hosted birthday parties, fun days and the first corporate retreat (hurray for team IV).

The Barbados Ninja Throwdown takes place on Saturday May 20th. This year, 40 adults and 20 youths will do battle on an upgraded course to see who will be crowned the Barbados Ninja Throwdown Champion 2017. The IV team will definitely be there, will you?