Your loved one has just surprised you with a week-long stay at Royal Westmoreland Resort Barbados or one of the many luxurious Barbados vacation rentals. You are excited and thrilled and immediately pull out the suitcase. You are now faced with that super important question – ‘WHAT DO I WEAR?’

Beach Fashion for Men

The good news is, island fashion is easy, affordable and looks great on everyone. There are great ideas for both men and women. Your outfit can go from beach to chic if staying at Royal Westmoreland Resort Barbados or you can find the ultimate swimsuit if you know that you will probably be sleeping on the beach outside of one of the Barbados vacation rentals – pull out your hat and sunblock and you are set!

Stylish Sandals are a MUST

Don’t forget your hat

The main thing is to be comfortable, colourful and FUN!  From clothes to accessories, and don’t get me started on SHOES. A great sandal is a must! Let each piece reflect your personality and convey your vacation vibe. Most places in Barbados have a relaxed dress code allowing you to go from day to night with ease. So relax, chill and have a great time!

Colourful Beach Fashion