And who said Green Business couldn’t work? As more eco-friendly products hit the market and environmental consciousness continues to rise, business is waking up to a new reality. Green business is the way of the future – BUT it has to be done the right way in order to reap the benefits. That means – No Cheating!

Why do we care? Well, several reasons: 1) Barbados is paradise 2) Sun, sea, sand (need I say more?) 3) As a local real estate business, Island Villas is committed to striking a balance between welcoming visitors and finding their ideal holiday home AND preserving our natural environment.

Moving forward in 2012, we shall keep spreading the message “Green is Good”. In our own operations we are now utilising the ‘Legacy of Clean’ product range, while maintaining our recycling and other conservation practices.

So, we ask you – whether you are an individual or a business – what are you waiting for? Join the ranks of the lean, mean, green fighting machine!

IV Team goes Green