Celebrate Barbados Heritage with the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA).

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Life on the island of Barbados

The island of Barbados commemorates its Independence annually on November 30. This historic day is celebrated with a number of events and activities that promote Barbados heritage. The National Independence Festival of Creative Arts, better known NIFCA, is one of these celebrations.

NIFCA was first held in November 1973 and has continued to be a part of Barbados’ Independence celebrations since then. The Festival is a showcase of heritage and culture and one can often see performances and exhibits from some of the best dancers, artists, photographers and others that the island of Barbados has to offer. Schools across the island also participate in this impressive Barbados heritage event.

Barbados Heritage

Performances at NIFCA, the outstanding Barbados heritage and culture event

Some of the upcoming NIFCA events include the Literary Arts Gala and the Professional Chefs cook-off. The highly anticipated Photography Exhibition features outstanding work from some the incredible talents on the island of Barbados.