Friends of mine living overseas recently asked me about Barbados timeshare rentals and the benefits of holidaying in an island villa. Immediately, I thought of all the typical responses: living like a celebrity (hello George Clooney), rum punches on the beach (a girl can dream) AND the beautiful 5 star barbados hotels.

BUT, having thought about it some more and doing a bit of research, there are even more benefits to exploring Barbados timeshare rentals (who knew?). Quite importantly, there are proven health benefits that many people don’t even think about – island villa on the beach, here we come!

In fact, research has shown that women who don’t take vacations are doubly susceptible to depression than women who pack their bags at least once a year. In addition, men who do not vacation are at greater risk of death due to heart disease than those who do vacation. SO, it turns out that exploring those 5 star Barbados hotels can be great for the heart, even if it does slightly affect the wallet (and don’t be worried, there is something for every budget here on the island).

Travel & Your Health

If you are a regular visitor, and I’m sure you will be after your first visit, an island villa near to the beach is highly recommended. Why not stay at a property such as Coral Sundown, a stunning 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom property that boasts landscaped gardens, swimming pool, a dining gazebo and wet bar. This expansive villa offers a full staff, as well as acess to the Sugar Hill Resort facilities, including tennis, gym and bistro restaurant.  In other words, an island villa fit for a king or queen of course!

An Island Villa fit for a king - Coral Sundown

Just in case you were not already convinced, research also shows that after only a few days on vacation persons gained an hour more of sleep on average. This has all been depicted via the handy infographic above, courtesy of Imagine that, more vacation equals more sleep! All I can say is, sign me up. It turns out that your ideal island villa or Barbados timeshare rental may be well worth the investment and more – who can resist?