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Barbados’ Property Market Boom

Royal Westmoreland Resort Barbados

Tranquility, Royal Westmoreland

Barbados properties continue to attract significant interest from overseas investors. Recent reports from local real estate experts, Island Villas, indicate that sales in the last 12 months have grown by as much as 25%, a welcome boost to the Barbados property market.

The most popular properties for sale fall in the multi-million dollar range, however, the island has a wide range of offerings for different budgets. As the only independent boutique real estate company with international experience on the island, Island Villas has a diverse portfolio and it is expected that sales will experience a further boost in the coming year.

Barbados Property for Sale

Green Living with Island Villas

Barbados’ popularity is due in part to the island’s range of activities throughout the year. Hailed as a fantastic golfing destination, Barbados has also developed a name for itself in the areas of sailing, cuisine, music and much more.

This November, the island will once again host the Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival. This is an excellent opportunity to visit the island, enjoy some fantastic food from a range of local and overseas chefs and check out some of our beautiful island villas.


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Island Villas Driving into the Future with Megapower


Local real estate company, Island Villas, has teamed up with Megapower to promote the use of electric vehicles in Barbados.

“As a company that works within the tourism and hospitality sector we believe that it is our responsibility to incorporate more energy efficient and environmentally friendly practices into our daily operations,” says Richard Eames, Managing Director of Island Villas, “We support the efforts of Megapower because not only are they introducing the zero emission Nissan leaf to the island, they have also constructed a large solar panel recharging centre providing owners free clean energy.”

Speaking at the unveiling of Island Villas’ new Nissan Leaf, Richard also highlighted the great strides the company’s Go Green initiative has made over the years. “We have undertaken several substantial projects including the introduction of eco-friendly cleaning products, paperless billing and the installation of energy efficient lighting both in our main office and at some of our developments, including West Coast development, Lantana. It is our hope that we can lead by example and encourage others in Barbados to embrace environmentally friendly initiatives.”

Megapower Business Manager, Rohan Ford, echoed these sentiments stating, “We are extremely excited about the incredible response to the zero emission Nissan LEAF. As ‘Bajans’ become more conscious of our impact on the environment and as people seek to find energy efficient and cost reducing alternatives to vehicles powered by imported fossil fuels; we believe Megapower’s electric vehicles and charging stations can meet this need. We congratulate Island Villas on making the step forward and acquiring a Nissan Leaf and we look forward to charting their progress as we welcome them to the Barbadian electric vehicle community.”

Electric vehicles have been hailed as one of the most promising green industries and Megapower has successfully installed charge points across the island. Users are invited to download the plugshare app or visit the plugshare website which identifies the locations of charge points as more of them continue to be installed.

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Battaleys Mews: A Real Estate Success Story

Battaleys Mews a Winner!

Battaleys Mews a Winner!

The year is 2009 and Barbados, like much of the world, is in the throes of the economic recession. Sales of real estate have slowed and many developments on the island are struggling to attract interest from investors and visitors alike.

One such development is the attractive Battaleys Mews, a community of luxury townhouses situated steps away from Mullins Beach. At the time of construction Battaleys was hailed for its spacious rooms, modern kitchens, plunge pools on the patio of each unit and other unique details that made the development stand out from others on Barbados’ Platinum Coast.

Battaleys Mews Luxury Development

Battaleys Mews Luxury Development

As the economic situation worsened Battaleys Mews went into administration and the development became a ghost town facing financial ruin. In 2011, real estate and property management company, Island Villas Ltd., was awarded the contract to manage Battaleys Mews and they were tasked with managing the units and stimulating interest with limited resources.

No one could have predicted what happened next.

In the space of one year Island Villas increased the revenue generated by Battaleys by 3 times! The figures document this dramatic rise and give some insight into the dramatic transformation that Island Villas was able to bring about. At one point reservation enquiries were coming in at the rate of several times a day outstripping the demand for other similar developments on the island.

What then was responsible for this turnaround?

Some of the highlights achieved by the Island Villas team include:

  • Green Globe certification of Battaleys Mews – this prestigious designation has attracted interest as well as brought about cost savings for the development
  • Excellent ratings across the board on all of the popular online travel sites – Battaleys Mews has been rated excellent on TripAdvisor and has received the prestigious TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for 2014!
  • A strong local interest in reservations and events
  • The establishment of Battaleys Mews as a venue for intimate weddings, business retreats and other activities
  • Promotion of the units as attractive long-term rental options – this was of particular interest to the expatriate community
  • The creation of an on-site poolside Bar & Bistro branded as ‘The Galley’ – this modularized food and beverage outlet has become popular outside of just Battaleys guests and has attracted a wider clientele

In December 2013, Battaleys Mews was closed to renters and guests by the receivers PricewaterhouseCoopers in expectation of a pending sale. For further details on Island Villas services please contact;; Tel: +1 246 422 3333 or UK: (0) 80 0097 0886 or US (866) 978 8499.

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Island Villas Celebrates World Environment Day 2014



June 5 is World Environment Day and the IV team is proud to reinforce its commitment to going green. Since establishing its Go Green campaign several years ago the company has successfully incorporated many eco friendly practices into their daily operations. 

Some of our successes to date are:

  • The installation of recycling bins at the IV main office, at the Lantana resort, the Battaleys Mews development and other properties
  • The use of eco friendly cleaning products in all IV properties
  • The installation of LED lighting
  • Promotion of a paperless office – encouraging the use of e-billing and limited use of paper
  • The installation of energy efficient air conditioning units

Our Go Green efforts continue and we look forward to accelerating our efforts in the year ahead. Today especially we encourage everyone to join us in committing to a greener lifestyle.

This World Environment Day Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level


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What about a Barbados ‘Babymoon’?

Pregnant Woman On The Beach

Every expectant mother deserves a luxury vacation that includes sun, fun and not having to lift a finger except to ask for another foot rub. Barbados ticks all those boxes – just ask Rachel Bilson, one of our favourite celebs and a longtime fan of the island.

Rachel and her longtime love, Hayden Christensen, were spotted lounging on the beach in Barbados shortly after it was made public that she is indeed pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Barbados beach view - on the doorstep of Lantana

Following Rachel’s lead we wanted to figure out what exactly makes Barbados the best spot for a ‘Babymoon’. Here are our top 5 reasons:

1) Nothing says ‘Happy Momma’ like a baby bump on the beach and Barbados definitely has no shortage of fantastic beaches.

2) Number 1 was so important that we thought it should take the number 2 spot as well!

3) Mums to be need to eat for 2 so good food is a requirement. Barbados has a wide range of hot spots with great cuisine including fine dining and beachside fare (Rachel and Hayden were spotted getting ‘fish cutters’ at Cuz – a local ‘MUST TRY’)

4) Relaxation is key – your body is about to go through dramatic changes so it is important to remain calm and stress-free. Barbados is the perfect place to unwind. When planning your vacation let the IV team organise the ultimate spa getaway as well as other activities designed to wash your worries away.

5) Selfies! What better way to document your growing bump than sunbathing on the beach or sipping fruit juice poolside!

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Terrific Top Gear in Barbados

F1 cars, drifting, racing and all of the thrills, spills and excitement of a day at the track. That was the talk when popular BBC Programme, Top Gear, rolled into town. The Barbados Top Gear Festival was a HUGE success – after all, how often do you get to see 2 LEGENDS, the one and only Lewis Hamilton, in his V8 Mercedes F1 car and the street sensation Ken Block, in his Rallycross Ford Fiesta, going head to head? We still get goosebumps just thinking about it…WOW!

Other highlights from the weekend included The Stig, classic Top Gear moments and the Red Bull Rallycross drivers. It was AMAZING and Barbados was the perfect venue. The newly renovated Bushy Park track has been hailed as a motorsport masterpiece and there are plans to bring even more elite drivers to the island.

For those of you who missed it -PLAN EARLY. The Top Gear Festival returns next year and we guarantee it will be BIGGER and BETTER.


Royal Westmoreland Resort Barbados

Destination: BARBADOS

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She Said YES! A fish cutter leads to a ring in Barbados

Say YES to Barbados

Say YES to Barbados

So it’s been a while since the IV team has added to our blog. What does this mean? That now we have even more updates and exciting things to fill you in on. Barbados is BUZZING and the IV team is readier than ever for the summer #IVcountdown #stay&play 

To kick things off let’s start with a bit of romance, excitement and a whole lotta LOVE. The IV team wants to send CONGRATULATIONS to NY Post reporter, Stephanie Smith, and her partner, Eric Schulte!!!

300 Sandwiches lead to a ring in Barbados.

Stephanie is the creator of popular blog Three years ago, Eric uttered the now famous line, “Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” Not one to back down from a challenge, Stephanie jumped in feet first and started creating some culinary masterpieces.

Fast forward to sandwich #257 – Stephanie and Eric were in BARBADOS and Stephanie whipped up The ‘Fishkiller’ Fish Cutter. Now, you can’t come to Barbados and not have a fish cutter so we are fully on board with Stephanie’s choice of sandwich – plus her’s was served with rum on the side, EVEN BETTER!


Well, Eric was completely bowled over and TA-DA! He popped the question! With all the planning involved we know that it wasn’t just the sandwich BUT we like to think that a little bit of Bajan food, sunshine and rum had something to do with it.

Congrats again to the happy couple and come visit us sometime at Island Villas #anniversaryparty #welikesandwichestoo

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World’s 50 Best Beach Bars – CNN list

Holiday Rental Barbados

And you thought we may have been kidding when we said Barbados has it all.

Guess who made the list of the World’s 50 Best Beach Bars (

According to CNN, Ju Ju’s Beach Bar in Barbados proudly sits at number 39 and is described as

“Small but perfectly formed, it offers great food and a rustic, simple beach bar vibe.”

JuJu’s is in close proximity to Lantana, Barbados newest holiday rental development. Each condominium provides the perfect spot to lay your head before walking to JuJu’s for a drink or some fresh fish.

And if you don’t believe us when we say you’ll be back, CNN goes on to say that their list includes, “…spots that range from the chic and the elite with smooth lines and mesmerizing cocktail waiters, to the haphazard, thrown-together shacks constructed from scavenged driftwood.”

“The only thing these places have in common is that once you’ve been, you inevitably start planning to get back there someday, somehow.”

Anyone care to meet me for a drink at Ju Ju’s Beach Bar? I’ll save you a spot…

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Richard spills the beans on Dining in Barbados

Barbados holiday

No holiday in the Caribbean would be complete without sampling some of the many unique and delectable restaurants available across the region.

Barbados has often been hailed as a foodie’s dream and many of the Island Villas’ guests ask us about the best places to go.

It has been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so we sat down with Managing Director, Richard Eames to find out where his heart (and stomach) like to dine on the island:

Relish Epicurea
Located in Limegrove  – the best Deli food on the island. The secret is really fresh good quality ingredients, no compromise! The menu can be a bit confusing so study it – I discovered Cumberland Sausages as a side so I built my own breakfast! For lunch, try the special, seared Salmon and salad sounds simple
but it’s just fantastic! The deli offers European produce, wines, Cut meats, vegetables, Pate, the list goes on…the environment is great and the staff friendly.

Barbados dining

The best south east asian food on the island and consistently good, try the tom yum soup – it is as good as you will get in Thailand. Sam, the owner, is a great personality and he makes the place what it is!


Are you drooling yet? We are going to take a lunch break and return with more of Richard’s picks. Please, let us know, what are your favourite places to eat in Barbados?

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Green Living in Barbados – Happy Earth Day

This week, Island Villas along with the rest of the world, celebrated Earth Day 2013.

Barbados Property for Sale

Green Living with Island Villas

To commemorate this, it seemed like the perfect time to talk about eco-friendly holidays and green living.

Our first stop is luxury 4 bedroom property for sale, Sugarwater – the first environmentally friendly villa at Apes Hill Club. This stunning open plan home has been designed to have lower running costs – a bonus for any potential homeowner.

Barbados Holiday Villas

Sweet Escape at Sugarwater

Unique features of Sugarwater includes an Italian designer kitchen with a mahogany island and an exclusive outdoor wine cellar which is built in a coral stone. The impressive kitchen garden is well-stocked and ready for homecooked meals on the pool terrace under the stars.

Barbados Luxury Villas

Dining Under the Stars

Other green features include: 

 - net zero, the house produces as much energy as it consumes
- solar water heating
- site orientation to allow free flow of air through all rooms
- no voc paints used throughout the house, improved air quality
- all led lights in the house which are energy efficiency
- oriented to have comfortable temperatures in the house
- shower heads and faucets only need a 1/3 of the water than others
- the pool runs with a solar pump and works with the saline pool system
that uses sodium and natural chlorine which is healthier.
- floor made from 40% recycled material
- roof made from 95% recycled material
- locally made joinery and furniture
- locally salvaged butcher block counter top made and drift wood mirror.
Salvaged from a mahogany that blew down during Tomas and drift wood
from the east coast
- up cycled brick pavers
- edible landscape About 2000 plants and fruits who are organic.
- All cleaning is chemical free and healthier for you and your family.

Barbados vacation

Eco-friendly Living


The overall concept is that this house will have lower running costs, uses higher quality materials that will ensure a minimum of maintenance.

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