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Holders Season

An unique experience at one of the world's most attractive 'boutique' festivals - eight exquisite and varied events in The Little Theatre, Holders. All of the variety associated with Wendy Kidd's renowned Season of performance in the grounds of Holders House - jazz, blues and classical music, theatre and comedy to die for...

Once again there would be something for everybody at the Holders Season, all of which will resound throughout the unbelievably beautiful and atmospheric grounds of Holders House. If you haven't been before, give it a go. You will not regret it!

  • Holders Great House St James Barbados
When Does it Happen
  • March 17th - March 31st 2012
Selling Points
  • Set on the grounds of Holders Great making it a magical outdoor evening
  • An opportunity to see a diverse selection of artists from around the world
More Info
  • Tickets Available through Theconcierge
  • 422-3333 or 231-9426